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The first time I saw a Sacred Birman Cat was in 1992 in Germany at my friend's house. It was a very sociable cat with lilac markings and I got to like him immediately. At that time I couldn't have a cat myself, because I worked long hours, almost from dawn till dusk and also I was abroad. But that was the time I thought to myself that I have to get a cat just like this one someday...

Many years have passed and then I I decided to fulfill my dream and I started to search for a suitable cat. After I've had gotten to know almost every cattery of Birman Cats in Poland, I've finally found Ms. Danusia's cattery "Lone Star" (Samotna Gwiazda), about a kilometer from my home. There weren't any kittens available at that time, so I had to wait for some time. I've seen the little ones for the very first time when they were two weeks old. A female with lilac markings named Keldona immediately caught my eye. I finally took her home after 12 weeks of waiting, visiting and observing how the little one grows. The kitten was very curious of the new place she was to live in, so she spent the first few days exploring it. In the evenings she used to go to sleep in bed by my side.

After a short period of time I decided that my adorable Keldona can't be alone, so I wanted to find a suitable copanion for her - a second female Birman Cat. Unfortunately, at the "Lone Star" Cattery there were only two male Birmans available at that time, so I had to search somewhere else.

I went to Wroclaw for the Cat Exhibition and there I had been simply enchanted by a beautiful Birman female with chocolate-coloured markings named Kaja. Unfortunately I was informed that the cat had been already reserved for someone else. I hoped I'd have more luck next time, but I stayed in touch with the first owner of Kaja - Ms. Barbara of the "Patibar" Cattery. A week had passed and I got really great news from her - Kaja was available for me to obtain! So Kaja is the next regular dweller at my house now. This cat girl is a sweet little rascal, always playing with her older friend Keldona. Her favorite activity is to prickle me in my nose and big toes for fun.

My cattery can be described as a small hole cattery. The cats have a great dog companion - a male Dog de Bordeaux from Garlica Duchowna. The cattery was regitered in Cracow's Felinological Society, which is a member of FIFE. My Cattery got a name in 2007 - it is called "Golden Moon" (Złoty Księżyc)

Created by Pyzdera
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